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We are not just any bank, we do not provide personal loans, we do however offer a unique banking experience that no other bank can offer.

We guarantee that by making SD17 Bank your banking partner you are leading the way for a fossil fuel transition to renewables, together with tackling ALL 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Not only do we provide many of the same banking services that other banking competitors offer, we have a unique and define goal, actually 17-defined goals as set out by the United Nations.

Make your personal banking exactly that Personal

In order to do so; we aim to launch both personal and business banking services during 2023 after we successfully raise the necessary capital to purchase the most advanced banking technology that will bring empowerment and prosperity to the entire world. TARGET $150.000.00

Initially, you can join or support our family by filling out the below application and or by investing in any one of our SD17 Sustainable Development Financial Investment Bonds.

What are Sustainable Finance or Investment Bonds?

Use of proceeding bonds agrees to allocate the funds raised to finance or refinance projects or assets
within specific categories. Several types of use of proceed bonds fall under the sustainable finance

The funds are committed to a mix of social and green impact projects. These projects may also be aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The funds from these bonds are committed to environmental or climate projects, such as investing in renewable energy

Are a subset of green bonds, specifically to finance projects related to water conservation including managing or mitigating plastic waste, but also promoting marine biodiversity by ensuring sustainable, clean and ecologically-friendly developments.

Are committed to social impact projects, common categories include providing and promoting basic infrastructure such as energy, healthcare, education, food security and promoting sustainable food systems together with socioeconomic advancement and empowerment.

Are fixed-income financial instruments linked to climate change solutions. They are issued in order to raise finance for climate change solutions, these might be greenhouse gas emission reduction projects ranging from clean energy or climate change adaptation projects.

SD17 Sustainable Development Financial Investment Bonds

Are the only financial investment bonds that fall under ALL FIVE categories “Green, Blue, Social, Climate and Sustainability).

Advantages of Sustainable Financial Investment Bonds

The popularity of sustainable bonds has been rising considerably, driven primarily by investors embracing socially responsible investing. Sustainable bonds operate the same as conventional bonds. Today, more than 50 countries have issued green (sustainable) bonds, with the United States being the largest source of green bond issuances. Global green (sustainable) bond issuance in 2020 was estimated to be $350 billion.

Sustainable bonds offer tax incentives such as tax exemption and tax credits. It is done to attract investors to finance projects that benefit the environment and/or climate. Any organization – such as governments, corporations, and financial institutions – can issue investment bonds.

Private and public companies are issuing their own green or sustainable bonds to raise capital for climate mitigation and attract new shareholders. From Apple to New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, dozens of corporations and public agencies have issued green or sustainable bonds, yet none offer what SD17 Sustainable Development Financial Investment Bonds has to offer the next generation to inhabit our planet, their future is in your hands.


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Donate $100.00 or more – receive as a free gift 50% of value in SD17 Financial Investment Bonds


Invest $100.00 or more – get 10% additional SD17 Financial Investment Bonds  

Join our family today, apply for an account and be rewarded with our honorary limited edition “Founders Cards” a prestigious card to have as it verifies your commitment to sustainability and your compassion for humanity together with the conservation and protection of biodiversity.

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