Who we are?

We are an independent organization birthed out of a necessity to facilitate our 30,000 rural and indigenous families representing over 150,000 people.

Run by a woman and mother designed for woman and mothers who are either restricted or lack the capacity or are unable to access financial independence.

Let’s protect our world Together!

By supporting our organization, you are supporting a minority, ethnic, gender equal organization that truly represents the people and the biodiversity within our 4-Indigenous Reserves.

We want to be the leading financial service provider for rural and indigenous peoples and offer third world impoverished communities a financial platform that will empower and elevate our people out of poverty.

Our purpose is to drive growth and independence amongst our indigenous people, fostering financial freedom in the pursuit of happiness by way of socioeconomic inclusion all based on regenerative agriculture following the proven scientific 4-returns approach.

We aim to do this in a sustainable and inclusive way. This means that we strive to have a positive impact through our business on important aspects of socioeconomic financial inclusion and development like education, infrastructure, job training, employment etc. focusing on ALL 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Let’s protect our world Together!

By joining our organization and participating in facilitating our goals you become an important player in the transition from fossil fuels to renewables.

Make climate action your business, invest in our portfolio, empower rural and indigenous communities and secure your financial independence by way of repairing our planet and protecting biodiversity.

Make climate crisis, biodiversity and human rights your priority, invest in your future, invest in your farmer, invest in your planet.

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