Why we matter?

We matter not just because we focus on climate action and biodiversity, we matter not only because we represent indigenous people and impoverished communities, we matter because we embody growth and positivity focused on the wellbeing and protection of all who dwell and rely our planet to include biodiversity.

We matter because we aim to create renewable jobs and build sustainable societies, leading the way forward from a fossil fuel economy dependency to renewables, eliminating plastic pollutants, fossil fuels, toxic waste, and protecting your family’s future.

We focus on investing in regenerative agriculture and harnessing natures potential.

We are the only private banking institution that holds a patented protected plant variety that enables us to produce one-gallon of renewable fuel for less than one-dollar “cheaper than crude dirty fossil fuel”. The vegetable oil that is derived and extracted from our patented Castor Strain/s can be converted into over 800- products and applications ranging from non-toxic bio-fuels, bio-degradable plastics, bio-toiletries and cosmetics to medical and technology, totally eliminating the need or use of fossil fuel-based products.

Did you know?

That for every 10 grams of coffee that goes into making your favorite daily “cup a joe” that you probably pay between $1.00 to $5.00 at a gas station of coffee shop or at minimum forty-cents if purchased raw retailed in a supermarket, the family that is responsible for growing, nurturing, cultivating, picking and processing your coffee, this normally includes husband, wife plus children on average only get paid 0.007c (LESS THAN ONE CENT), what are we going to do about it? We are determined to make a positive humane change today; by supporting our organization you too can be that positive change the world needs now.

Here is your chance to vote with your power of support by redirecting institutionalized monopolies and fossil fuel funding to the empowerment of impoverished communities and nations. In many ways you to will eliminate many of the current political and economic struggles of our time by diverting funding away from the fossil fueled pre-existing institutionalized powerhouses that control and manipulate our liberty and freedoms in their pursuit of power, domination and profit.

Let’s protect our world Together!

By joining our organization and participating in facilitating our goals you become an important player in the transition from fossil fuels to renewables.

Make climate action your business, invest in our portfolio, empower rural and indigenous communities and secure your financial independence by way of repairing our planet and protecting biodiversity.

Make climate crisis, biodiversity and human rights your priority, invest in your future, invest in your farmer, invest in your planet.

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